We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. We embrace its teachings on the fallen nature of humanity and the saving power of the resurrected savior Jesus Christ. Jesus stated He is the only way to relationship with God and we believe and follow Him and His teachings. We believe in:

The Trinity

God the Father, God the Savior, and God the Holy Spirit, three divine persons in the unity of God.

Inspiration of the Word

The Holy Scriptures are the divinely inspired Word of God, and our inerrant rule of belief, doctrine, discipline and life.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ

We believe that the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, has made a full atonement for the sins of all mankind, and that all who repent of their sins and believe in Him will be saved.

The Holy Spirit

We recognize and receive the Holy Spirit in His divine personality as the witness to our regeneration, as our teacher, comforter and guide and the source of the true spiritual life and power.

Baptism of Holy Spirit

We believe in, and accept the baptism of the Holy Spirit as received by the early Christian church on the day of Pentecost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance as a strong confirmation of baptism. (Acts 2).

Tithing and Participation

We understand our privilege, responsibility, and duty to tithe from the provision God has blessed us with and our responsibility to be in attendance and an active member of the Urban Mission body.

The Church

To believe that the church is the Body of Christ of which He is the Head, and that the church comprises all true believers whose duty it is to associate themselves together for the maintenance of public worship and the observance of the ordinance of Christ.


To believe that there are two ordinances in the church, Baptism and Lord’s Supper, and these are to be observed until the Lord comes again. The ordinance of Baptism will be administered on profession of faith by immersion. The Lord’s Supper will be as the Lord leads.

Christian Fellowship

To recognize Christian fellowship and have affection for all true believers of whatever name, and to have the desire to work in harmony with every organization of Christians who hold and practice the truth as it is in Jesus, and who are organized and constitute in accordance with the Word of God, the work of the Gospel and to also work in harmony with the churches of the same doctrine.


To have the profession of living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, a sincere purpose to live according to His will for His glory, and the evidence of a consistent moral and Christian character and life.